Broken Social Scene, Sufjan, More Contribute To Kids' Album

Being a Tripwire user, I think it's safe to say that you like good music. But those of you with kids know that your indie rock/metal/punk favorites go out the window anytime you've got your kids strapped into the car seat on the way down to Grandma's house, to pre-school or even to the grocery store. Maybe some of you can get away with playing some early Beatles and '50s tunes, as their sweet melodies are known to be a hit with the youngsters, but I'd imagine that many of you are stuck with The Wiggles or Raffi on repeat and thusly, have been known to bang your head against the steering wheel simply to dull the pain.

Well there may be hope for you yet. On February 21, Canadian indie Paper Bag Records (home to Controller.Controller, Uncut, FemBots, Magneta Lane, etc) will release See You On The Moon!, a 17-track kids' album with contributions from artists you know and love.

Broken Social Scene, Sufjan Stevens, Alan Sparhawk (of Low), Apostle Of Hustle, Great Lake Swimmers, Hot Chip, Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters) and more all donated very special songs just for this record. Hopefully this will make your road trips a little more bearable. I mean, Broken Social Scene singing "Puff The Magic Dragon"... now THAT is something even a childless guy like myself can get down with. The full track listing is below.

Alan Sparhawk – "Be Nice to People With Lice"
Great Lake Swimmers – "See You On The Moon!"
Sufjan Stevens – "The Friendly Beasts"
Montag – "Kiddo 1"
Apostle of Hustle feat. The Husky’s – "24 Robbers"
Junior Boys – "Max"
Broken Social Scene – "Puff The Magic Dragon"
FemBots – "Under The Bed"
Montag – "Kiddo 3"
Glissandro 70 – "Voices are Your Best Friend"
Mark Kozelek – "Leo and Luna"
Detective Kalita – "Baby Brother"
Montag – "Kiddo 2"
Hot Chip – "I Can’t Wake Up"
Kid Koala feat. Lederhosen Lucil – "Fruit Belt"
Montag – "Bonne Nuit Etienne"
Rosie Thomas – "Faith’s Silver Elephant"

Broken Social Scene, Sufjan, More Contribute To Kids' Album