Grand National's Debut Gets North American Release

UK dance/rock duo Grand National have found a Stateside home for their debut album, Kicking The National Habit, as Recall Records will bring the dance floor-filling album to North American audiences on February 21. Though the band received features in URB, BPM, Spin, Billboard, etc. for their blend of Police meets New Order meets The Happy Mondays sound, the album was previously only available in North America as an import.

The forthcoming US version will include seven bonus tracks not available on the UK release, including remixes by Sasha and The Glimmers, as well as a video for "Drink To Moving On" directed by Ramon & Pedro.

This record provided me with ample ass shaking opportunities this year at various parties and all alone at home while running around the house in a button-down, sun glasses, tighty-whities and tube socks. Keep this one on your radar. They're worth it.

01. "Drink To Moving On"
02. "Talk Amongst Yourselves"
03. "Playing In The Distance"
04. "Boner"
05. "Peanut Dreams"
06. "Cherry Tree"
07. "Coming Round"
08. "Daylight Goes"
09. "North Sound Off"
10. "Litter Bin"
11. "Your Rules Obey"*
12. "Strange Magnificent Noise"*
13. "Sixty Seven Up"*
14. "Rabbits Facts"*
15. "Playing In The Distance (Elliot James Mix)"*
16. "Playing In The Distance (The Glimmers Mix)"*
17. "Talk Amongst Yourselves (Sasha Mix)"*

* bonus tracks

Grand National's Debut Gets North American Release