The Shins May Have New LP Ready Next Summer

As if we didn’t have enough records to get excited about coming out in ’06, it looks like we can now add a new album from the Shins to that list. They have been working on their follow-up to 2004’s Chutes Too Narrow with producer Phil Ek in Seattle, which they are currently finishing up in frontman James Mercer’s home.

Rolling Stone reported that there are two potential titles for the album, Wincing The Night Away or Sleeping Lessons. Both titles are references to Mercer’s insomnia.

While the recording is in progress, most of the lyrics have yet to be penned. The band hopes to have the album ready for release next summer, but they are not going to rush it.

Mercer added: “Instead of mixing in a hurry, we want to get back to the ability to treat each sound with special effects and have it be a more atmospheric-sounding record. We really think of ourselves as a psychedelic band. That's the shit we listen to."

The Shins May Have New LP Ready Next Summer