Man Man Back In Action With Six Demon Bag

Philly’s carnival-loving quartet, Man Man, are back with a brand-new album called Six Demon Bag. Out on February 21st from Ace Fu, it features a brand-new cast of characters who have infused new life into the band. So much so in fact that their upcoming release is expected to upstage the band's critically acclaimed 2004 debut, The Man In The Blue Turban With A Face.

Their quirky and lavish performances have also gotten the band praise, landing them tour support spots with The Arcade Fire and the Fiery Furnaces just to name a few. Keep a lookout for Man Man tour dates in the coming year in support of Six Demon Bag. Check out the full tracklisting below:

01. "Feathers"
02. "Engrish Bwudd"
03. "Banana Ghost"
04. "Young Einstein On The Beach"
05. "Skin Tension"
06. "Black Mission Goggles"
07. "Hot Bat"
08. "Push The Eagle’s Stomach"
09. "Spider Cider"
10. "Van Helsing Boombox"
11. "Tunneling Through The Guy"
12. "Fishstick Gumbo"
13. "Ice Dogs"

Man Man Back In Action With Six Demon Bag