Death Cab Commission Twelve Videos

It seems Death Cab For Cutie is taking full advantage of their new major label deal, as well as their Grammy nomination in the Best Alternative Album category. It's that Grammy nod that may have freed up a few bucks for a new video project called Directions. Basically, Death Cab has commissioned 12 videos from 12 different directors to coincide with the 12 tracks on their latest album, Plans.

Some of the directors that will be taking part include well known names like Lance Bangs, Laurent Briet, Monkmus and P.R. Brown, as well as newcomers to the music video world like Lightborne, Jeffrey Brown, Rob Schrab and Norton.

The videos will debut one at a time via the band's website beginning in early January.

Death Cab will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on January 14 with host Scarlett Johansson.

Death Cab Commission Twelve Videos