Portland Artists Pay Tribute To Their Fallen Hero

On February 7, Potland-based indie Expunged Records will release To: Elliott From: Portland, a heartfelt tribute to a man who had an immense impact not only on the city of Portland, but on the entire indie music world. The compilation features contributions from notable Portland acts like The Decemberists, Swords, The Thermals, Helio Sequence and Crosstide. Close friend and former roommate of Elliott Smith, Sean Croghan, also contributes a track. Called "Hard Times", the song is previously unreleased.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of To: Elliott From: Portland will be donated to the Elliott Smith Foundation's charity, Free Arts For Abused Children.

Here's the UN-SEQUENCED track listing:

01. The Decemberists - "Clementine"
02. Helio Sequence - "Satellite"
03. The Thermals - "Ballad Of Big Nothing"
04. Crosstide - "Angeles"
05. Amelia - "Between The Bars"
06. Dolorean - "The Biggest Lie"
07. Sexton Blake - "Rose Parade"
08. Swords - "I Didn't Understand"
09. Sean Croghan - "High Times"
10. Lifesavas - "Happiness"
11. Jeff Trott - "Wouldn't Mama Be Proud"
12. Society Of People Of Ambiance And Elegance - "Speed Trials"
13. To Live And Die In LA - "Kings Crossing"
14. We Are Telephone - "Division Days"
15. Eric Matthews - "Needle In The Hay"

Portland Artists Pay Tribute To Their Fallen Hero