Motorola Announces iRadio Service

Good ol’ terrestrial radio has had some serious competition lately. Satellite radio swooped in, giving listeners a plethora of programming choices, from uncensored comedy to underground indie rock. So obviously some people will pay for good radio, as I must admit that I now do. This is due to the fact that I live in the largest radio market in the US… which has NO rock radio. Pathetic. With more and more people switching on their MP3 players rather than radios, you’d think we might see an improvement from our beloved radio corporations, but that is yet to be the case.

As if there wasn’t enough competition for them already, you can now add iRadio to the list. Motorola announced their new iRadio service, through which you will be able to access hundreds of commercial-free stations through your cell phone. Although you can’t rock out to streaming audio while you are on the go, you will have the ability to store six channels of music on your phone that can be enjoyed using headphones, or through your car or home stereo by using a Bluetooth adapter.

While the service has not been launched, you can take a peak at what it will offer by heading to their official website. Perhaps we can view this is our first taste of what it will be like once broadband audio will give us streaming goodness from our cell phones… which can’t be too far away.

Will services such as iRadio, satellite, MP3s and podcasts make a dent in old-school radio’s audience? It may be too early to predict, but the next few years will be quite interesting to watch.

Motorola Announces iRadio Service