Def Leppard Attempts To Regain Relevance With Covers Record?

You're an aging rock band who, twenty years ago, was filling stadiums and banging hundreds of groupies every day. Last year, you released a 25th anniversary compilation, managed to somehow make it onto TV a couple of times and for some reason toured with Bryan Adams (yea, the Canadian guy who loves Robin Hood). So, what's the next move when trying to prove to the music world that despite your Bryan Adams tour, you really are still relevant? Well, apparently Def Leppard thinks the next step is to release an album of cover tunes.

This spring, Def Leppard will release Yeah!, an album of rock & roll favorites that predate the band. Some of the offerings will be E.L.O.'s "10538 Overture", Roxy Music's "Sreet Life", Thin Lizzy's "Don't Believe A Word" and the Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset".

The band will then hit the road once in again in June for a full summer tour with Richard Marx.

The Leppard say they have plans to get to work on a new studio album this fall. Hopefully this year's tour will get their creative juices flowing or 2007's release might end up being another covers record with rock & roll versions of your favorite pop/country hits.

Oh, and I was just kidding about Richard Marx.

Def Leppard Attempts To Regain Relevance With Covers Record?