London (OST)

Rumor has it that London will be the cult hit of the year. Brought to you by the same team that created Spun, the film stars Chris Evans (Fantastic 4), Jason Statham (The Transporter) and Jessica Biel, who needs no introduction. Centered around a trendy NYC loft party, the film features Jason Statham as a stock broker/coke dealer who recants his outrageous sexual deviancies to Chris Evans' character, who himself is heartbroken over his failed relationship with Jessica Biel. All the while, everyone's doing blow and having sex. Sounds like all the elements of a cult classic to me.

The film's soundtrack relies heavily on The Crystal Method, as the dynamic duo of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland were recruited to create its original score. What they came up with is what one would expect from this world-class DJ/production outfit - hard and raw ass shaking beats layered with a thick, heavy rock & roll vibe. If you're a fan of The Crystal Method, or dancing, or both, you'll dig every single one of their contributions, though it's "Smoked" and "Glass Breaker" that stand out as the two best. Others, like "Fire To Me" and "Onesixteen" are sure to get the booties shaking, but I like lyrics with my dance music and the previous two supply them in full force. Up and coming LA rock & roll frontman Troy Bonnes (Troy Bonnes & The Congregation) lends his soulful vocals to "Smoked", sounding like the white, drug-addicted love child of James Brown and Tina Turner, while classically-trained singer/songwriter Charlotte Martin lends her breathy vocals to the slow and sexy, "Glass Breaker".

The soundtrack is not completely monopolized by the Crystal Method, however. Portland's The Out Crowd, which includes ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist Matt Hollywood, contributes the groovy "C'mon Children", while Troy Bonnes contributes one of his own acoustic-leaning songs as well. Swedish mellow rock outfit The Perishers add "Nothing Like You And I" from their Nettwerk debut, Let There Be Morning, to the mix as well. These non-Crystal Method tracks do a nice job of breaking up the album a bit and make good additions to the overall vibe of the record. Look for the film in theaters on February 10 and the album on January 24.

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London (OST)