Tweedy + O'Rourke + Kotche = Loose Fur

The Americana "supergroup" Loose Fur - multi-instrumentalist/producer/singer/songwriter Jim O'Rourke and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Glen Kotche - have completed the follow up to their 2003 self-titled debut. Called Born Again In The USA, the album was recorded primarily in Wilco's loft space/recording studio and will hit the streets on March 21 via Chicago indie label Drag City.

This record isn't some weirded out musical indulgence by the band's three members either. It's a solid record all the way through with some truly great songs. Electric rock & roll, easy breezy acoustic rocking chair tunes, introspective folk, and even some keyboard heavy pop goodness all make their way onto the album, fitting together with perfection like a musical jig saw puzzle.

Here's a look at the track listing.

01. "Hey Chicken"
02. "The Ruling Class"
03. "Answers To Your Questions"
04. "Apostolic"
05. "Stupid As The Sun"
06. "Pretty Sparks"
07. "An Ecumenical Matter"
08. "Thou Shalt Wilt"
09. "Wreckroom"
10. "Wanted"

Tweedy + O'Rourke + Kotche = Loose Fur