Some Echoes

Traversing seasons and cities, Aloha unleashes its wave and captures the breeze with Some Echoes, a promising follow up to the successful release of last year’s Here Comes Everyone. The latest project will be the group’s fourth album and second collaboration since T.J. Lipple joined in 2002. A quartet of friends scattered throughout the East coast, Aloha have managed to produce a colorful mixture of progressive rock and jazz tones since their 1997 inception in Bowling Green, Ohio, and their new effort is no exception.

Echoes’ opening track, “Brace Your Face”, immediately hooks with its poppy, kaleidoscopic shingles, while remaining steadily ephervescent with “Weekend”. “Big Morning” and “If I Lie Down” contain a classic sensibility and exit with remnants of bar times when everyone knew your name. The album delivers a character worth becoming acquainted with through the plateau and rocky treks with its mellow kicks and elusive mood rifts and should not go overlooked on this year’s ‘best of’ list.

Some Echoes will be released on April 11th via Polyvinyl Records with a tour lined up for March. Dig it.


Some Echoes