Eels With Strings, Live Album & DVD

Somehow last year I missed a very special live performance by the ever-prolific Eels. Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, is the main man behind this eclectic group. E is never afraid to explore various different musical directions on his albums, or even in his live shows. In the past his audiences have been treated to quirky pop, gritty garage rock, and most recently backed by a string ensemble. Specifically, he performed with a string quartet along with two multi-instrumentalists who juggled a mind boggling number of instruments including lap steel, guitar, upright bass, mandolin, musical saw, melodica, celeste, pump organ, piano, and a trash can and suitcase percussion set.

Known as the Eels With Strings Tour, E took his mini orchestra across the US, Europe and Australia, with their New York City performance at Town Hall being the one documented for a live CD and DVD. The tracklisting for Eels With Strings, Live At Town Hall covers Eels music from “Novacaine For The Soul” off their debut album Beautiful Freak to “Suicide Life” off their most recent double-disc Blinking Lights And Other Revelations.

The CD and DVD do offer different tracks, making both worth having in your personal collection. The bonus footage for the DVD includes several behind the scenes segments and bonus clips, as well as the videos for “Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)” and “Trouble With Dreams”. Both formats will be released on February 21. To get a sample, click here to check out the official ecard.

Eels With Strings, Live At Town Hall CD
01. “Blinking Lights (For Me)”
02. “Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights”
03. “Bus Stop Boxer”
04. “Dirty Girl”
05. “Trouble With Dreams”
06. “The Only Thing I Care About”
07. “My Beloved Monster”
08. “Pretty Ballerina”
09. “It’s A Motherfucker”
10. “Flyswatter”
11. “Novocaine For The Soul”
12. “Girl From The North Country”
13. “Railroad Man:
14. “I Like Birds”
15. “If You See Natalie”
16. “Poor Side Of Town”
17. “Spunky”
18. “I’m Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart"
19. “Suicide Life”
20. “Losing Streak”
21. “Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)”
22. “Things The Grandchildren Should Know”

Eels With Strings, Live At Town Hall DVD
01. “Going To Your Funeral, Part 2”
02. “Dust Of Ages”
03. “In The Yard, Behind The Church”
04. “Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights”
05. “A Magic World”
06. “Song Of A Bitch”
07. “Blinking Lights (For Me)"
08. “Dirty Girl”
09. “My Beloved Monster”
10. “The Only Thing I Care About”
11. “Bus Stop Boxer”
12. “Pretty Ballerina”
13. “I Like Birds”
14. “Girl From The North Country”
15. “Railroad Man”
16. “Trouble With Dreams”
17. “If You See Natalie”
18. “I’m Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart”
19. “Dead Of Winter”
20. “Flyswatter”
21. “Novocaine For The Soul”
22. “Losing Streak”
23. “The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight”
24. “Souljacker Part 2”
25. “Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)”
26. “Things The Grandchildren Should Know”
27. “Dog Faced Boy”
28. “Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues”

Eels With Strings, Live Album & DVD