Graham Coxon Reconfirms His Lack Of Interest In Blur

Britpop fans (myself included) have been keeping our fingers crossed, hoping for a miracle to bring former guitarist Graham Coxon back for one final Blur record. Well kids, it just ain’t gonna happen. Blur will continue on their follow-up to Think Tank as a three piece group, leaving Damon Albarn as the only guitarist.

Coxon made this loud and clear in a recent interview with the Sunday Mail. He said: “Blur was very much a boyish thing. I'm over it.. It was 10 years ago that Blur were at their height so I'm quite a different person now.”

As for his relationship (or lack of) with his former bandmates, he added: “I'm not in contact with Damon at all and I don't regret that at the moment... to be honest, we didn't contact each other very much even when we were in Blur...It's not like Damon and I were best friends then had a huge fall out.”

After hearing a sneak peek of Coxon’s upcoming new solo album, Love Travels At Illegal Speeds, I really can’t blame him for sticking to his solo work. It is mighty good, with a UK release date set for March 13.

Love Travels At illegal Speeds
01. “Standing On My Own Again”
02. “I Can’t Look At Your Skin”
03. “Don’t Let Your Man Know”
04. “Just A State Of Mind”
05. “You & I”
06. “Gimme Some Love”
07. “I Don’t Wanna Go Out”
08. “Don’t Believe Anything I Say”
09. “Tell It Like It Is”
10. “Flights To The Sea (Lovely Rain)”
11. “What’s He Got”
12. “You Always Let Me Down”
13. “See A Better Day”

Graham Coxon Reconfirms His Lack Of Interest In Blur