The Hawk Winter Music Festival Takes Flight In Chicago

On February 17, 18 and 19, The League Of Chicago Music Venues will hold its first annual The Hawk Winter Music Festival: A Celebration Of Chicago's Music Scene. What is the League Of Chicago Music Venues you ask? Good question, because I hadn't really heard of them either. TheY are, in fact, a secret society of Chicago's most influential music industry movers and shakers. Much like the Stonecutters, these great men meet each week under the cloak of night in an undisclosed location to discuss which promising young band they will recruit and train in the dark arts of the music business. No, just kidding. Much as their name suggests, they are a group of venue owners in the Windy City concerned with "promoting venue safety and security while celebrating the diversity, vibrancy and contribution of the music industry in Chicago.

The League members, which includes Metro, Uncommon Ground, Hideout, Martyrs, Schubas, Double Door, Empty Bottle, HotHouse, Park West, House of Blues and Buddy Guy’s Legends, will all be participating in the Hawk Winter Music Festival. A wide variety of artists will be performing from a number of different genres. Check out the details below:

Friday - 02.17.06
BUDDY GUY'S LEGENDS - Johnnie Bassett, Sharon Lewis, Harmonica Hinds
DOUBLE DOOR – Tim Reynolds
EMPTY BOTTLE – The Ruiners
HIDEOUT – Palaxy Tracks, Roommate, Velvetron
HOTHOUSE - Monday Michiru
HOUSE OF BLUES (BACK PORCH STAGE) - Oteil & The Peacemakers
MARTYRS – Chicago Afrobeat Project & Fareed Haque Group
METRO - Stars, The Elected
PARK WEST – The Undertow Orchestra featuring Dave Bazan, Vic Chesnutt, Mark Eitzel and Will Johnson
SCHUBAS – Brandi Carlile with Dick Prall
UNCOMMON GROUND – Andy Zipf, Mike Reeb, Josh Harty

Saturday - 02.18.06
BUDDY GUY'S LEGENDS – Eddie C Campbell, Sammy Fender, Eric Noden
DOUBLE DOOR – Bad News Jones, Tabakin, Know Boundries, Animate Objects
EMPTY BOTTLE – The Returnables, The Dials, The Negligents
HIDEOUT – Life During Wartime Dance Party with Bald Eagle, Mother Hubbard and J2K
HOTHOUSE - Tiempo Libre
HOUSE OF BLUES (BACK PORCH STAGE) - Oteil & The Peacemakers
METRO – JT & The Clouds, Cameron McGill & What Army, Katie Todd Band, Brad Peterson
MARTYRS – Splean
SCHUBAS – Ariel Pink with Belong and Volcano!
UNCOMMON GROUND – Sam Shaber, Aerin Tedesco, Andrea Bunch

Sunday - 02.19.06
EMPTY BOTTLE – Black Angels
HIDEOUT – Lonesome Organist, Mucca Pazza
HOTHOUSE (evening) – Nick Tremulis Orchestra, Langford Band, and Rick Rizzo
HOTHOUSE (matinee) – Art Emsemble of Chicago's Famoudou Don Moye
HOUSE OF BLUES (MAIN MUSIC HALL) - Trapt, Silvertide, 1000 Foot Crutch
METRO – The Hawk Children’s Festival with Julie Frost
SCHUBAS – Old School Freight Train with Kelly Kessler & Whippoorwill
UNCOMMON GROUND – Amanda Crumley

The Hawk Winter Music Festival Takes Flight In Chicago