Rob Dickinson's Belongings Stolen In Portland

Former Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson has been out and about supporting his brilliant debut solo album, Fresh Wine For The Horses. Unfortunately, Dickinson ran into a patch of bad luck while in Portland. According to a very trustworthy source, who will remain anonymous, his gear was stolen from his car while he was having a bite to eat before his performance. When the singer returned to his car he discovered that everything was taken from the car. Along with his clothes and medications, his guitars and effects pedals were snatched as well, which he needed for his gig that night at Doug Fir Lounge.

The next day, Dickinson went on air at the greatness that is KEXP to chat up his album and show that night, during which the subject of his stolen equipment was brought up. Fans flooded the phone lines, offering up their own guitars and pedals to help him out for the show at the Crocodile Café yesterday evening. While his set is primarily acoustic, those effects are used during his performance of the Catherine Wheel classic “Black Metallic”, an absolute highlight of his concerts.

Dickinson has a handful of dates remaining on his calendar, including stops in Vancouver, San Diego and Chicago. His solo album has been criminally overlooked in the US, so if you have yet to hear the single “My Name Is Love”, click over to his official website to check it out. His performance at Joe’s Pub in NYC last year was easily one of the greatest concerts I have attended, so do not miss out if he is stopping by a town near you. While mainly focusing on new tracks, he sprinkles in enough Catherine Wheel tracks to make die-hard fans content, including “Future Boy” from the album Adam & Eve.

The success of his live shows in North America seems to have surprised Dicksinon. He posted a message on his official website which said: “I really didn't know what to expect and I can only wish that Brian, Neil and Dave could have shared in the passion and depth of feeling that obviously still remains for the music we made as a band. To play some of those songs again after so long was rather strange without my old friends beside me but their power to move people appears to have not diminished as the years have passed and I think that is a testament to the sincerity with which they were written and born in the first place. An enthusiastic reception also awaited my new stuff which was great, people singing along no less!”

Rob Dickinson 2006 Dates
01.20.06 – Vancouver, BC (The Media Club)
01.24.06 – San Diego, CA (The Casbah)
01.26.06 – Scottsdale, AZ (Panic! @ Anderson’s Fifth Estate)
01.31.06 – Los Angeles, CA (Hotel Café)
02.22.06 – Chicago, IL (Schuba’s)

Rob Dickinson's Belongings Stolen In Portland