F*%k Computers, DJs Are Alive!

With the rising popularity of laptops and digital music files, live dance music is quickly becoming an oxymoron. Enter the new collective, DJs Are Alive. The Scumfrom, D:Fuse, DJ Skribble, Static Revenger and Kristine W have banded together to remind people that dance music is a living, breathing entity made by real live people. These stand-outs will unveil their new project with two very special shows. Taking place on February 16 at NYC's Canal room and March 24 in Miami for Winter Music Conference, the DJs Are Alive live show will feature two complete onstage DJ rigs, drums, percussion, guitar, keyboards, sax, FX and vocals.

Of course, they have a Myspace page, so if you'd like to learn more click here.

Live Dates:

02.16.06 - New York, NY (Canal Room)
03.24.06 - Miami, FL (Wet Grooves @ Nikki Beach)

F*%k Computers, DJs Are Alive!