Jarvis Cocker And Steve Mackey Take You On A Trip

First there was Pulp. Then there were the amazing DJ nights throughout England and New York City. It was then Britpop fans (and fans of Pulp) thought they had it all. But wait! Harry Potter came along and included Mr. Jarvis Cocker. It didn’t end there.

Cocker and fellow Pulp-mate Steve Mackey have now brought their DJ skills to the forefront. They have come up with a double album of songs, all by other people. It features 35 tracks that journey through soundtracks, power pop, alternative covers, blues, and much more. Titled Trip, the import is slated to come out March 6 via Universal.

CD One:
01. Carl Orff – “Gassenhauer”
02. The Birthday Party – “Release The Bats”
03. Porter Wagoner – “The Rubber Room”
04. Psychic TV – “Just Drifting”
05. Dory Previn – “The Lady With The Braid”
06. Bob Lind – “Cool Summer”
07. Gene Pitney – “24 Sycamore”
08. Animated Egg – “Sock It My Way”
09. The Beech Boys – “Feel Flows”
10. Bonnie Dobson – “Winter's Going”
11. Arlo Guthrie – “I'm Going Home”
12. Bobbie Bare – “Don't Think Twice”
13. Alan Vega – “Jukebox Babe”
14. OMD – “Waiting For The Man”
15. The Human League – “Rock N Roll”
16. Lieutenant Pigeon – “The Villain”
17. Add N To (X) – “King Wasp”
18. The Fall – “Lost In Music”
19. Moondog – “Pastoral”

CD Two:
01. Elton Motello – “Jet Boy Jet Girl”
02. The Polecats – “John I'm Only Dancing”
03. Electronicat – “Wop Do Wop”
04. Johnny Wakelin – “In Zaire”
05. Quixotic – “Mortal Mirror”
06. Jonathan Richman – “Egyptian Reggae”
07. Lee Hazelwood – “Pour Man”
08. Screaming Lord Sutch – “Flashing Light”
09. John Cooper Clark – “Beasley Street”
10. David Essex – “Rock On”
11. Georges De La Rue – “Les Visiteurs”
12. Sonny Bono – “Pammies On A Bummer”
13. The Everly Brothers – “I Wonder If I Care As Much”
14. Dion – “Purple Haze”
15. Neil Sedaka – “Going Nowhere”
16. Ronald Binge – “Sailing By”

Jarvis Cocker And Steve Mackey Take You On A Trip