Fear Is On Our Side

After their 2003 EP earned rave reviews, I Love You But Have Chosen Darkness are back with their first album, Fear Is On Our Side. The debut release is set to be released March 7th on Secretly Canadian, a small label that’s been building buzz with such indie acts as The Earlies and Antony & The Johnsons.

Helmed by uberproducer Paul Barker, the band’s debut album avoids becoming completely formulaic, which so many artists are guilty of. Instead, I Love You But Have Chosen Darkness stands out with their total unpredictability. Exhibit A: opening track, “The Ghost,” is an intricately sad song that showcases the band’s signature subdued vocals by pairing them up with catchy and upbeat guitar work.

Among the standout tracks: title track, “Fear Is On Our Side,” is a lavish, string-filled two-minute instrumental track that maintains the album’s dark, melancholic yet beautiful tone; and “Long Walk,” which captures the band’s signature style while reinterpreting it into a fresh new sound for listeners. Lead singer Christian Goyer’s subtle vocals against mildly rhythmic electric guitar riffs is reminiscent of Jesus and Mary Chain and Joy Divison. “According To Plan’s” poppy, electronic, synth sound appeals to the secret Love and Rockets fan that I am, opening with a funky bass line and building its way toward the rhythmic guitar and electric drums which captures the '80s new wave sensibility without mimicking it.

Fear Is On Our Side is definitely destined to be on several top ten lists of 2006.

I Love You But Have Chosen Darkness
Secretly Canadian Records

Fear Is On Our Side