Sun, Sun, Sun

Most of you probably know The Elected frontman Blake Sennett from his "other" band, Rilo Kiley. He's one half of the song-writing force behind that great indie/country/pop outfit, teaming up with the lovely Jenny Lewis to write some of the best all around songs of the past five years. For those of you who've seen Rilo Kiley live (hopefully all of you), he's the little guy to the left of Jenny who sorta looks like Conor Oberst's long lost brother. But with The Elected, Sennett doesn't have to share the spotlight and now that he's grown a little mustache, he won't get the Oberst comments either. Sun, Sun, Sun is Sennett's second release with The Elected, the first being 2004's country-leaning, Me First. This latest effort is a much more pop-leaning affair, with only a scattered peppering of the countrified lap steel and he-haw twang that stood out on the band's debut.

Sun, Sun, Sun begins with a 44-second dreamlike "awaking" entitled "Clouds Parting (8:14 am)" and moves quickly into the touching love song, "Would You Come With Me". The stripped-down title track gives Sennett a place to really show off, highlighting not only his talent as a songwriter, but also as a vocalist. The common thread throughout the album is that simple yet impossibly difficult to understand emotion known as love. Sennett proves time and time again on Sun, Sun, Sun that he's a skilled craftsman when it comes to catching the intricacies of life's most mysterious phenomenon in a song. In case there were any doubts, Blake Sennett is a viable frontman who's more than capable of standing in the spotlight all by his lonesome.

The Elected
Sub Pop

Sun, Sun, Sun