The DFA Get Their Remix On

Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy, a.k.a. the massively successful and highly sought-after production duo The DFA, will release not one, but two remix compilations this year. The first, The DFA Remixes - Chapter One, will hit the shelves on April 4 via DFA/Astralwerks on CD and 2X LP. The duo, who actually turned down remix offers from Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and whole slew of other high profile names (so they could keep it real), will use the compilations to showcase their unique talent with re-workings of such acts as Le Tigre, The Chemical Brothers, Radio 4, Fischerspooner, Gorillaz, Metro Area, Hot Chip and Blues Explosion. Many of these remixes are out of print and/or totally unavailable on vinyl or CD.

The DFA will follow up Volume One later this summer with The DFA Remixes - Volume Two. Round two will feature their take on Goldfrapp and Nine Inch Nails, to name a couple. Peep the track listing for Volume One below.


"Deceptacon" - Le Tigre
"Mars Arizona" - Blues Explosion
"The Boxer" - The Chemical Brothers
"Another Excuse" - Soulwax
"Dance To The Underground" - Radio 4
"Emerge" - Fischerspooner
"Dare" - Gorillaz
"Orange Alert" - Metro Area
"Just Like We (Breakdown)" - Hot Chip

2X LP:

A. "Dare" - Gorillaz
B. "Dance To The Underground" - Radio 4
C. "Deceptacon" - Le Tigre / "Orange Alert" - Metro Area
D. "Mars Arizona" - Blues Explosion

The DFA Get Their Remix On