Toadies To Reunite In Dallas For One Performance

During the mid ‘90s, Dallas became a hotbed for bands that were being gobbled up by labels left and right. Baboon was signed to Wind-Up, Tomorrow People were on Geffen, Old 97s on Elektra, Brutal Juice on Interscope, it was as if the music biz saw Dallas/Fort Worth as the next Seattle. Another band with a label deal was the Toadies, who were picked up by Interscope for the release of their debut LP Rubberneck. Released in 1994, the single “Possum Kingdom” made them one of the most popular groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth music scene. The single’s radio airplay slowly spread from coast to coast, bringing them moderate success. Their music was heard on various movie soundtracks, including The Cable Guy, The Crow: City Of Angels and Escape From LA.

Todd Lewis, Mark Reznicek, Clark Vogeler and Lisa Umbarger seemed to be on their way. What happened next is one of the biggest screw-ups in rock & roll history. The story varies from person to person, but due to various reasons, Toadies sophomore album was not released until 2001. Yes, that is a seven-year gap between albums. Their follow-up was titled Hell Below Stars Above, which remains as one of the most criminally overlooked rock albums in recent memory. Press and radio turned their backs on the band and their new album, which led to the implosion of the Toadies.

Frontman Todd Lewis formed a new band, the Burden Brothers, and released a debut album in 2004. Drummer Mark Reznicek shifted musical gears to country, now performing with Eleven Hundred Springs. Guitarist Clark Vogeler moved to Los Angeles, where he works on documentaries, music videos and tv shows, keeping his guitar work confined to his home.

For die-hard fans that have been craving to see the Toadies live one more time, the band announced today that they are reuniting for one show and one show only. This one-time reunion is taking place at the Dallas Observer and Greenville Avenue’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Concert on Yale Blvd. The band is headlining the event, which will take place from 1-6pm on March 11. Three of the four actual members will be taking the stage, with bassist Mark Hughes filling in for Lisa Umbarger.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am through Front Gate Tickets.

Toadies To Reunite In Dallas For One Performance