Two Gallants + Jack Daniels = Good Time

It could have been a boring night in, the last broke night before pay day. Instead my roommate brought home a bottle of Jack and we sat around listening to the new Two Gallants record, what the toll tells. What a perfect accompaniment for a record that evokes a wide range of heartfelt emotions from hurt to humor, knee slappin’ to holding tears back from your whiskey.

What the toll tells was recorded on 2-inch tape at San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone studios by Scott Solter (Spoon, Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice). Hints of their home town ooze from every facet of their existence but especially with their creativity, poetry and songwriting that are reminiscent of the spirit that made SF special in the first place. The duo return with more raw racket and intense energy but also a broader scope that expands on their already daring yet awesome combination of folk, blues and punk.

The record is fantastic, which hits stores on February 21 via Saddle Creek, but seeing them live is what puts them over the edge. Together, Adam and Tyson are drums, guitar, vocals, harmonica, and piano when the house provides. So get some Jack and enjoy...

03.16.06 – Austin, TX (SXSW Saddle Creek Showcase @ The Parish)
03.18.06 – Austin, TX (SXSW – The Velvet Spade)
03.19.06 – Oklahoma City, OK (The Conservatory)
03.21.06 – Kansas City, KS (The Record Bar)
03.22.06 – Des Moines, IA (Vaudeville Mews)
03.23.06 – Omaha, NE (Sokol Underground)
03.24.06 – Denver, CO (Hi-Dive)
03.25.06 – Salt Lake City, UT (Kilby Court)

Source: Nina Isabella

Two Gallants + Jack Daniels = Good Time