Starlight Mints Complete New Album

While Oklahoma isn’t known for being the musical center of the universe, the state has popped out a few brilliant oddball pop groups over the past few years, including the Flaming Lips and Starlight Mints. Hailing from Norman, OK, the Starlight Mints have been making our toes tap since the release of their 2000 debut album The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of. Their third album is now ready for the world, which will hit stores on April 25. Drowaton will be released on their new label home, Barsuk Records. The indie-poppers have a handful of tour dates between now and April, although only those in Oklahoma and Texas will be enjoying their live sounds until later this year.

01. “Pumpkin”
02. “Torts”
03. “What’s Inside Of Me?”
04. “Pearls (Submarine #2)"
05. “Seventeen Devils”
06. “Rhino Stomp”
07. “The Killer”
08. “Eyes Of The Night”
09. “Drowaton”
10. “The Bee”
11. “Rosemarie”
12. “Sidewalk”

Starlight Mints Tour Dates
02.22.06 – Denton, TX (Haileys)
02.24.06 – Tulsa, OK (Cain’s Ballroom)
03.16.06 – Austin, TX (The Parish – SXSW)
04.09.06 – Fort Worth, TX (Wall Of Sound Festival)

Starlight Mints Complete New Album