It Pays To Play WOXY

Listen up kids, as this is big news. Yesterday the online internet station,, announced that they are going listener supported. This comes as a little bit of a surprise, but given the circumstances is understandable.

WOXY claims that they want to keep providing the best in new music while at the same time running an honest business (ie: providing health benefits to employees, paying royalties, handle the cost of reliable streaming, and filing taxes). At the same time advertisers do not have a steady grasp on who’s listening when and who the audience is, regardless of the fact that they are intrigued with the idea of it all. In short, they aren’t willing to pour in tons of ad sales money.

That being said, WOXY is going listener supported. For the price of $9.95 a month the station will offer the premium service for 24-hour, true broadband, CD-quality streams. They will also offer subscribers special perks down the line. In the meantime, until February 13 that is, they are leaving their 64 kbps streams running. For people that do not subscribe to the station, they will continue to offer a low bandwidth stream for free. On March 6, WOXY said that they will evaluate how things are going and take things from there.

As a person that works in the noncommercial radio world, I can vouch that it can be tough to come up with the appropriate funds to keep things going. It takes a lot of money to run something right. Even fund drives don’t always keep things afloat. If you love WOXY as much as the rest of us do then do your part!

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It Pays To Play WOXY