Joseph Arthur Currently Working On Three Albums

Joseph Arthur continues to be one of those few artists that should be a hell of a lot bigger than he currently is. His latest full-length album, Our Shadows Will Remain, has received plenty of critical acclaim both here and in the UK, and yet here he is yet again with no label home in the States. Indie labels lookout, as the singer/songwriter had three albums in the works. Yes, three albums.

Speaking with, Arthur said that one album, currently titled Invisible Parade, is already completed. "I had a bunch of songs I was writing on the road. I'd been working on a bigger production record in Los Angeles for awhile, but I just wanted to do something really minimal. I've never done that before; something totally stripped-down. I decided to go to Berlin and find a studio and self-produce it,” he added.

The Los Angeles production album will be wrapped up in March, while also continuing to work on a THIRD album, which will be instrumental. So by the end of ’05, Arthur will have all three albums ready to go, with nobody to release them in the US. He also mentioned that self-releasing the albums is a possibility. “There's a couple of indies we're talking to, but I'm thinking about just going completely indie and putting [new music] out myself,” he said.

Fans should also know that he is releasing a new single in the UK for “Devil’s Broom”. The seven-inch version will feature a live cover of the Smiths’ classic “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”.

Joseph Arthur Currently Working On Three Albums