Live - The Living Things Rock Out At NYC Fashion Show

Last night marked my first time to ever attend a fashion show. This strange, magical world had remained a mystery to me, as the closest I’ve ever gotten before was by the random clips of models walking the catwalk that I have seen on the E channel. Oh yeah, and the Victoria’s Secret televised fashion shows as well. Since I was actually attending the FORM/Jerry Tam Fashion Show just to see a quick performance by the Living Things, I wasn’t granted access to the floor of the Angel Orasanz Foundation Hall. They stuck me up on the balcony, where my view was less than stellar, but was good enough to enjoy the freak show that is a NYC fashion show.

As mentioned before, my only prior experience with fashion shows was what I have watched on television, where supermodels strut their stuff while making love to the camera. I thought models were supposed to look hot. Well, I guess those days are long gone, as the new hip model shtick is to look absolutely miserable and bored. You know the expression you have on your face on a Monday morning, as you zone out while watching the seconds tick away on your clock? That is the new hot. Looking bored beyond belief is now the pinnacle of sexy. To demonstrate this blazing look of hotness, our very own Erin Chandler modeled the new trend of misery-hot for your viewing pleasure.

Since I know nothing about fashion designers, I did more people watching than actually paying attention to the models and their new duds. Watching from above the crowd, it was pretty tough to do any serious celebrity spotting, but I thought I saw Helen Hunt, Peter Krause (Nate from Six Feet Under) and Jason Statham (Snatch, The Transporter). It most likely wasn’t them, but ya never know!

Once the models made their final walk down the catwalk, the Living Things came out for a brief, thirty-minute performance. Wasting no time, the St. Louis-based rockers kicked off with their single “Bom Bom Bom”, which had the champagne drinking fashion crowd getting their groove on. Frontman Lillian Berlin had more room to shimmy and shake than normal, using the catwalk as an extended part of the stage to mingle with the audience. Their blasts of dual guitar made the walls of the beautiful Angel Orsanz hall shake during “Bombs Below”. Fortunately, Lillian was able to keep his junk in his pants for this performance, unlike my last encounter with the band at CMJ.

At the end of their set, Lillian grabbed a audience member’s hand, led her down the catwalk to the main stage, where she proceeded to make out with drummer Bosh Berlin. All in all, the FORM fashion show made for a bizarre evening, topped off with a blast of good ol’ rock & roll.

Live - The Living Things Rock Out At NYC Fashion Show