Y100rocks.com's Jim McGuinn Speaks, We Listen

It is a very sad day indeed to find that our peers/heroes/friends at WOXY.com are having to go to a subscription-based listener revenue model in order to continue to operate. What does it say about our state of the musical nation when one of the bestest of the best - one of the most adventurously-programmed, as lovingly artist supportive, and as thoughtfully constructed and purely created media outlets has to make this move? Will it wake up the record community? Where is the record community? Don't they realize that encouraging the continued growth and existence of outlets like WOXY.com is a vital and worthy cause we should all support?

I know only too well how hard it is for an independent, online-only radio/website property to survive. Not unlike WOXY.com, Y100rocks.com has been cooking along for just about a year, through many ups and downs and growing pains. I don't know the numbers at WOXY.com, but as Y100rocks.com nears it's 1,000,000th listener stream, I believe that we are continuing to have an impact - both in Philadelphia and the world - with listeners in over 100 countries and all 50 states. Thanks to a slightly different business model (ie, 95% of our staff are volunteers) and local support from Electric Factory Concerts and Miller Lite, we are able to continue to offer our listeners our services for free. At this point in the evolution of internet radio, we believe that free is the only way for the audience to grow and that technology which is on the horizon will enable internet stations to compete on an equal playing field with terrestrial stations from a distribution standpoint. But we need to survive to that point in order to take advantage of that coming technology, and to do so we need help - in support via banner ads, promotions, artist access, and help spreading the word of our validity and value.

We hope that WOXY.com can flourish in their new incarnation. We hope that not only do they find generous support from listeners, but that the entire music community pitches in to assist as well. With fewer and fewer (and worse and worse) terrestrial radio, it is imperative that the record labels and music fans step up and give support to WOXY.com and peers like Y100rocks.com. If we are all truly in it for the music and in it together, we need to work together to keep this station and others like it thriving!

Source: Jim McGuinn

Y100rocks.com's Jim McGuinn Speaks, We Listen