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November 17, 2005

Just because Joe Budden's sophomore album, The Growth, continues to age like a fine Gruyere somewhere in Def Jam's vaults, that doesn't mean Jump Off has been missing in action all together. Dude has stayed on the mixtape trail like nobody's b.i., releasing several mixes while we paitently wait for something official.
One of our favorite things about Joey is his ability to incorporate basketball speak into his rhymes. Kid is the thinking man's Bill Walton. So what with this young NBA season finally under way, we thought what better time to celebrate Budden's way with hoops words. So please peruse our favorite Joe Budden-Basketball-Related Rhymes.

"Y'all dudes will never make it/ you're all Tyus Edney"
On the "Pump It Up (Remix)" Joey went at Jay-Z and other less specific MCs. UCLA's diminutive point guard was used as the punchline. Hold ya head, Ty!

"Gunshots do you like Vancouver/ make your team move."
Budden calls out shook ones by firing shots at our neighbors to the north. British Columbia hasn't been the same since the Griz went walking to Memphis.

"You come around here with them glocks up, and you'll join Reggie Miller/ it'll be your last year putting shots up."

Jump Off shouts out the Knick-killing Pacer legend, urging would-be tough guys to think twice before getting retired. We love this game!

Posted: November 17, 2005
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