Human Television Announce New Album And NYC Show

Human Television found their way to my home stereo with the release of their EP All Songs Written By: Human Television. The boys are back in a big way with their upcoming full-length Look At Who You’re Talking To, which will hit stores on May 2 via Gigantic Music. The band has kindly posted a preview track off the album on their MySpace page for your enjoyment, which I highly suggest checking out. We are also happy to announce that they will be performing at Cake Show in NYC on April 1. See, we are letting you know about this now, so you will have plenty of time to clear your schedule. No excuses for missing this show, unless of course you don’t live in the NYC area. Waste a little time at the office today and check out “I Laughed”, which will give you a little taste of this fantastic group’s new album.

Look At Who You’re Talking To
01. “I’m Moving On”
02. “Ten Minutes”
03. “Mars Red Rust”
04. “On And On”
05. “I Laughed”
06. “People Talking”
07. “Untitled”
08. “Tonight’s The Night”
09. “Such A Trip”
10. “Inconsistent”
11. “In Front Of The House”
12. “Look At Who You’re Talking To”

Human Television Announce New Album And NYC Show