Party - Biz3 Throws Down With Spank Rock, Flosstradamus

It’s no simple coincidence that Biz3 Publicity is synonymous with excellence among partygoers in the Windy City. The company's ability to liven up Chicago’s nightlife with their sporadic series of events has certainly earned them a dramatic following. Drawing from contacts acquired in the publicity game, Biz3 has carved a unique nitch within local circles. Their crowded revelries clamor with excitement as audiences enjoy candid DJ appearances from some of their favorite indie rock acts. Death From Above 1979’s Jesse Keeler and Sebastien Grainger, Saul Williams, Jean Grey, and Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio, are just a few of the unlikely artists Biz3 has thrown in the DJ booth. The success of their party series provides a much-needed breath of fresh air in Chicago, helping create the type of metropolitan experience you might expect out of LA or NYC’s definitive scene.

However, it was Biz3’s most recent event, held last Friday, which set a new standard in the behavior patterns of indigenous Chicago clubbers. The night’s gritty roster included the phenomenal local DJ duo Flosstradamus and the much-anticipated Baltimore bad boy, Spank Rock. A selection of young performers, who in turn inspired a dense crowd of young attendees, made for a vigorous night of drinking, socializing, and ass-shaking. The evening began promptly at 9:00 for the "cool kids" with an exquisite hour of open bar that left me quite saucy after a series of stiff vodka cranberries (so I like girly drinks). But the warm sensation of alcohol pulsing through my veins was only a predecessor to the excitement I would endure during Flosstradamus’s lengthy set.

Two hometown heroes, J2K and Autobot, who together create the duo Flosstradamus, model their format after the likes of Hollertronix. But the group’s keen ear and uncanny ability to blend tracks puts them in a standing all their own. Having formed in late 2005, the tag-team DJs specialize in party favorites, utilizing each other’s abilities to create seamless mash-ups and better-than-the-original remixes. Juxtapose your favorite krunk anthems with something as off the wall as surf guitarist Dick Dale, and you would be pretty close to the type of eclectic sensibility these performers exude. It was Spank Rock who guided the night, however, stepping on and off the microphone as resident MC. Whether spitting immaculate flows or simply encouraging the room to throw their hands in the air, Spank Rock soared with magnetic charisma. His willingness to party as hard as his fans lead to some wildly entertaining antics. Whether crawling on the floor by the turntables or jumping on the club furniture, his approachable attitude put everyone at ease.

The night was undoubtedly a success and even as the lights went up on the room, dancers occupying the floor refused to let the energy die. Friends old and new shared a brief moment out of the dark as I reflected on how quickly the night had slipped by. Shaking hands and putting on coats before relying on my designated driver was a rewarding ritual made possible by the talented performers and those quirky kids at Biz3.

Party - Biz3 Throws Down With Spank Rock, Flosstradamus