Roger O'Donnell Gives Insight To The Truth In Me

Former keyboardist of The Cure, Roger O’Donnell, has announced that he is launching a new label in conjunction with his sophomore solo album, The Truth In Me. The new label is called 99X Out Of Ten, or 99 Times Out Of Ten, and will be based in London.

The Truth In Me will hit stores on May 16 and was composed entirely on a Moog synthesizer. The idea of the album came from a trip O’Donnell took to the Sheffield International Film Festival, where he spoke about Moog, a documentary based on Robert Moog, the inventor of several groundbreaking musical instruments. The album is comprised of ten songs with three of them featuring guest vocals by Erin Lang. In addition, Jimmy Tamborello (Postal Service) is remixing the album’s first single, “The Truth In You” while Martin Gretschmann (The Notwist) is remixing another track called “Treasure”.

On making the new album O’Donnell stated, “This album represents exactly where I am in my life and my music. I couldn't have made it before; it is who I am now. A synthesis of everything I have ever played and heard, all the influences from Herbie Hancock to Bjork, recorded on an instrument that moves and inspires me.”

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Roger O'Donnell Gives Insight To The Truth In Me