Coldplay: To Split Or Not To Split, That Is The Question

During this year’s Brit Awards a lot of interesting stuff went down. Kaiser Chiefs made a clean sweep, Gorillaz and Prince performed, and apparently Coldplay had an interesting announcement after winning an award for best single.

As he received the award, front man Chris Martin stated, "This means so much to us, especially now. It's going to be a few years before you see us again. You won't see us at one of these for many, many years. We mean it." He added, "People are fed up with us - and so are we." Later he told Chris Evans, host of this year’s Brit Awards, "You had a break, so are we."

Needless to say this news is spreading like wildfire. Speaking out against rumors of the band splitting, a spokesperson told NME, "Coldplay are not quitting. They are on the road until July, when their 16-month X&Y World Tour ends in Japan. They will then continue working on new material."

So what’s the dealio? Is Gwyneth really Yoko in disguise? Is Chris leaving to start up his own fair trade company? Do people have nothing better to do than start rumors based on out of context comments? (*Ahem*) Are they on hiatus? Time will tell. One thing is for sure though; our life soundtracks need you Coldplay. Come back soon!

Coldplay: To Split Or Not To Split, That Is The Question