Radiohead Resurrect Lost OK Computer Track On New Album

OK Radiohead fans, here is another update straight from the online journal of Thom Yorke. Yesterday morning he let the cat out of the bag about one of the tunes that looks to be in the works for their upcoming album. It seems that the band is finally going to give us an album version of the lost OK Computer track “Nude”, which the band performed live but never put to tape. An early version of this track was included on their documentary Meeting People Is Easy.

The follow-up to Hail To The Thief is being produced by Mark “Spike” Stent, and is still rumored for release this year. While I’ll believe it when I see it, lets just keep our fingers crossed.

Judging by a few of the other posts on the journal, I think our rock & roll superheroes might be getting a case of cabin fever. Last Friday, Thom posted a brief message stating that he was looking for a drum machine, and linked to this.

On the same day, an “anonymous” post read the following: ”If you cant beat em, join em. We have decided to change the name of the band to THE CARLYLE GROUP for tax reasons and are moving our offices to Jersey.” At least Thom & Co. haven’t lost their sense of humor.

To read more about their wacky studio hijinks, as well as to check out pics from their rehearsals, click here to access Dead Air Space.

Radiohead Resurrect Lost OK Computer Track On New Album