Morrissey Questioned By The FBI

Being investigated by the FBI deserves a badge of honor when you are a musician. Morrissey has now joined the elite society that John Lennon and Bob Dylan are founding members of. Who would have thought that Morrissey would be considered a wanted man? I mean, I know that a lot of us music fans want to meet him, want to see him, etc. but wanted by the government for possible terrorism? Now that is hawt.

Apparently the FBI and British “intelligence” quizzed Morrissey after speaking out against both governments. It’s not uncommon for the Moz-father to speak out against government, so what is the deal?

According to Contact Music, Morrissey explains, "The FBI and the Special Branch have investigated me and I've been interviewed and taped and so forth. They were trying to determine if I was a threat to the government, and similarly in England. But it didn't take them very long to realize that I'm not. I don't belong to any political groups, I don't really say anything unless I'm asked directly and I don't even demonstrate in public. I always assume that so-called authoritarian figures just assume that pop/rock music is slightly insane and an untouchable platform for the working classes to stand up and say something noticeable. My view is that neither England or America are democratic societies. You can't really speak your mind and if you do you're investigated."

Seriously. Leave him alone to make music. I guess if you can't find Osama, Morrissey is the next best thing. Obviously it is easy to get them confused, they both have funny names and like to record audio tapes.

Morrissey Questioned By The FBI