Songs For Sixty Five Roses, A Compilation CD With Benefits

In the summer of 2004, veteran producer John Plymle (Superchunk, Meat Puppets, etc.)'s 2/12 year old daughter, Allie, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease with a median survival age of only 33 years old. As John and his wife began adjusting to the complex regimen of medication and therapy, they couldn't help but wonder if there was more they could do. Well, they figured something out. It's called Songs For Sixty Five Roses: Re-Working The North Carolina Jukebox, an 18-track compilation album that features North Carolina acts covering songs originally written by other North Carolina Acts.

For example, honkey-tonk experts the Two Dollar Pistols cover Superchunk's "Driveway To Driveway," Archers Of Loaf/Crooked Fingers principal Eric Bachmann trys his hand at Let's Active's "Every Word Means No," and Portastatic reworks Ryan Adams' "Oh My Sweet Carolina."

The proceeds from the sale of this record (out May 21st) will go to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Click here for pre-order info and to stream song samples from the album.

In case you're wondering how they came up with the name, "Sixty Five Roses" is how little kids pronounce Cystic Fibrosis. Is that the cutest/saddest thing you've ever heard, or what?

For those in the Carrboro, NC, area, there will be a record release show on March 31 with many of the artists on the compilation performing.

Here's the full track listing, complete with who recorded the original version of each songs in (parentheses):

01. Jason Ross - "Mower" (Superchunk)
02. Caitlin Cary - "Battleground Park" (Goner)
03. Portastatic - "Oh My Sweet Carolina" (Ryan Adams)
04. Claire Holley - "Lion Song" (Harrod & Funck)
05. Sledge, Maxwell, Mosher - "Buddha Buddha" (Rick Rock)
06. Tift Merritt - "It's A Shame" (Stillhouse)
07. Eric Bachmann - "Every Word Means No" (Let's Active)
08. John Plymale - "Mister Flavor" (Metal Flake Mother)
09. Two Dollar Pistols - "Driveway To Driveway" (Superchunk)
10. Southern Culture On The Skids - "Everybody Wants My Baby" (The Moaners)
11. Athenaeum - "Forever And Ever, Amen" (Randy Travis)
12. Nikki Meets The Hibachi - "For Bob Riecke" (Des Ark)
13. Chris Stamey - "Nothing Is Wrong" (The dBs)
14. Michael Rank - "Flounder" (Fetchin Bones)
15. Mike Garrigan - "Seems" (Queen Sarah Saturday)
16. Greg Humphreys - "Bent Out Of Shape" (Squirrel Nut Zippers)
17. Katharine Whalen - "Restlessness" (Michael Kelsh)
18. Will McFarlane - "Shower The People" (James Taylor)

Songs For Sixty Five Roses, A Compilation CD With Benefits