Maximo Park Cancels Benefit Show

So by now you have heard about the hospitalization of The Cribs singer Ryan Jarman that happened during this year’s NME Awards. In case you have not, The Tripwire told it best. “Presenter Peter Hook decided to hand the award for best live band to the Kaiser Chiefs, since the actual winners (Franz Ferdinand) did not attend the ceremony. The Chiefs then decided that The Cribs should get it, during which Jarman threw himself on their table. The singer, who is no stranger to blood, cut his back on bottles and glasses that were on the table.” However, Jarman wasn’t the only one that had a mishap.

Maximo Park’ s guitarist, Duncan Llyod, broke his right arm after the show. Rumor has it that Duncan was in an arm wrestling contest with the band’s lawyer when his arm snapped. According to a statement made on Maximo Park’s official site, Duncan had surgery over the weekend and is on the road to recovery. Unfortunately this means that the band won’t be playing their March 30 show at the Royal Albert Hall. The concert was going to be a part of a weeklong event raising aid for the Teenage Cancer Trust with Razorlight, Goldfrapp, Ricky Gervais and Bloc Party. This also means that their recording of their second album has come to a halt until Duncan recovers.

Front man Paul Smith stated, "It's really annoying. We were going to spend the next month in our house in Newcastle where we practice just bashing tunes out and playing each other new songs and coming up with new bits - you never get to know a song 'til you play it - so it's completely ruined that time, now."

Get well soon Duncan and Ryan!

Maximo Park Cancels Benefit Show