The Fever To Precede New Album With National Tour

New York City's The Fever have churned out a sophomore album worthy of celebration - like... backflipping, cartwheeling, girls dancing in cages sort of celebration. It would have been simple and, let's face it, the normality in this industry, if they just cranked out a sophomore album that mirrored the post punk/garage disco-leaning goodness of their debut, Red Bedroom. Oh but instead, the follow-up to that well received, yet semi-one dimensional album is something new entirely. Like a vaudeville rock & roll circus in Sgt. Pepper's garage, curated by Salvador Dali, In The City Of Sleep is quite literally beyond the confines of reality as we know it. Think of the musical equivalent of The Doors' Strange Days album cover, and you'll come close to understanding what this record is all about. Produced by Steve Rivette (Beasties, Black Dice), it's a musical coming of age showing the maturity and sheer creative genius of The Fever that instantly breaks them out of the nearly inescapable bounds of the garage rock or disco punk holding cell.

Though the album won't see the light of day until May 2 (Kemado), The Fever will kick off a 16-date tour on March 11 in Chapel Hill, NC. The trek will make its way through Austin for SXSW and continue throughout the Midwest, hitting cities across America's heartland. Check out the details below:

03.06.06 - Chapel Hill, NC (Local 506)
03.13.06 - Nashville, TN (The End)
03.15.06 - Houston, TX (1415 California)
03.17.06 - Austin, TX (Buffalo Billiards, SXSW)
03.20.06 - Oklahoma City, OK (Bricktown Live)
03.21.06 - Columbia, MO (Mojo's)
03.22.06 - Kansas City, MO (The Record Bar)
03.23.06 - Madison, WI (The Annex)
03.24.06 - Minneapolis, MN (First Avenue)
03.25.06 - Milwaukee, WI (Mad Planet)
03.27.06 - Chicago, IL (Double Door)
03.28.06 - Indianapolis, IN (The Vogue)
03.29.06 - Newport, KY (Southgate House)
03.30.06 - Columbus, OH (Little Brother's)
03.31.06 - Cleveland Heights, OH (Grog Shop)
04.01.06 - Detroit, MI (Magic Stick)

The Fever To Precede New Album With National Tour