Preview SXSW Performers Online

In exactly two weeks, the spring break for the music industry will finally kick off. Ah yes, t-minus 14 days and counting until we all descend upon Austin for the 2006 South By Southwest music festival. The artist schedule is now online, so you can finally start piecing together your wishlist of bands that you will attempt to catch.

Although part of SXSW is checking out the latest and greatest from record labels, there are plenty of unsigned artists hoping to get a little exposure in Austin as well. Seeking out new groups used to be the core of the festival, rather than a place to showcase established artists (although I will be one of the many attempting to catch Morrissey as well).

With what seems like eight zillion bands performing, it is a daunting task to pick and choose the new and/or unsigned bands that are worthy of a few minutes of your time. Might I suggest clicking over to the SXSW Music Player V.06, which gives a continuous stream of all the acts along with a link to the band’s website.

Two weeks... I think I can make it. I have already warned my liver that gallons of Shiner Bock are waiting... bring on SXSW!!!

Preview SXSW Performers Online