Live - Ted Leo Crowd Surfing in Red Hook

There’s something about Ted Leo. I’ve seen him a bunch of times, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I was a "fan." But I keep going back to see him and I always have a really great time. And it always seems like he does too. Dude has been cranking out the crowd-pleasers for over ten years and is still the ultimate energizer bunny on stage. I went to last night’s Ted Leo show because:

1. I really wanted to see openers the Duke Spirit, although they were unable to show up due to Visa issues. Cause, you know, a blonde girl and her band of skinny, pale, limey musicians are clearly a threat to the American way of life.

2. I really wanted to check out the Hook in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere Brooklyn and only recognizable by the glowing red hook outside the venue and, last night, the line of kids outside in the freezing cold for the sold-out show.

I was first introduced to Ted Leo through “Ballad of a Sin Eater” on the Yes New York compilation. Late, I know. After I saw him play a Cornerstone PLAYER party with the Bravery before they were leather clad on speedboats and what was left of the Libertines, my admiration for him was pretty much solidified. Amid the youngsters, Ted Leo and his Pharmacists delivered the most energetic performance of that night, and last night delivered the same. He opened the show unassumingly alone on stage with “The Sword in the Stone” off the Balgeary EP and proceeded to keep an older-skewed audience out on a fucking chilly night with “Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone,” “Me and Mia” and a packed set of hits after he was joined by bass and drums. My friend and I stared in disbelief as not one but two dudes actually crowd surfed. To Ted Leo. At the Hook. Chock another one up to the power of Ted Leo. Check out the site and if you're lucky enough to have him circling through your town Rochester, NY and on, show up early for the Duke Spirit. Check out their site to see what Brooklyn, Boston and Connecticut will be missing.

Live - Ted Leo Crowd Surfing in Red Hook