Editors UK Madness Spreads To US Via The Interweb

Though their highly touted debut album, The Back Room, won't see the light of day in the US until March 21, Editors are quickly reaching full superstar status in the UK - a fact confirmed with a recent performance on the Jools Holland show (think Jay Leno, only not lame and boring). US fans who live outside the radius of Editors' January "buzz tour" are likely dying to find out what the band is like in a live setting - a feat that until last week required waiting patiently for their late March/early April tour to swing into action. Thankfully, some kind soul has posted Editors' previously-mentioned Jools Holland performance on the go-to viral video site, YouTube. The band performs two of their three hit UK singles, "Bullets" and "Munich", the latter of which is the debut US single. So what are you waiting for...? Click below.

Editors on Jools Holland

In case that didn't satiate your craving for everything Editors, the band also took time off from camping in the English countryside (apparently) to record a rare acoustic version of "Munich". So bust out the smores and join the band outside their old-school VW camper for some stripped down rock goodness.

Editors Acoustic

Editors UK Madness Spreads To US Via The Interweb