Editors Vs Red Stripe Vs Austin In Three Way Battle To The Death

So have you heard of this band from England called Editors? "Yes, Matt... I've heard of them. You've only talked about them 110 times since November of '05. I've heard of OFFICE too... you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with both... and Ryan Adams." True.

Anyway... I know where Editors are going to be playing their very first gig at SXSW and I'm going to tell you, because you're special. Wednesday is shaping up to be the longest/awesomest day of SXSW this year with some fabulous parties going all day and all night. Fittingly, Editors will play their debut show in Austin on that very same day - March 15, 2006, from 9pm-11pm at the Levi's/FADER Dry Goods Trading Post.

While the "Trading Post" or "Post" (as it's sure to become known), will be hosting bands pretty much all day, every day, the Editors show will be one of two special evening events being thrown at the venue this year. I'll tell you about the second one later... when the time is right (which is probably Wednesday or Thursday around 12:48pm ET).

The good times are being presented by the excellent, rock & roll-loving folks at Red Stripe. I'm probably supposed to tell you to drink responsibly or something, but it's SXSW and I'm 92% certain that no one drinks responsibly while in Austin for SXSW. So that would be an exercise in futility that I'm not willing to attempt anytime soon. If this sounds like fun to you, you can RSVP right here. "Does RSVPing guarantee me entry?" I'm not really sure. Probably not, as I'm sure that the little back yard venue will reach capacity fairly quickly... but good luck anyway. We'll see you there!

Editors Vs Red Stripe Vs Austin In Three Way Battle To The Death