Futureheads Complete News And Tributes

The Futureheads wasted no time recording the follow-up to their self-titled debut. Their new album, News And Tributes, will get your eardrums dancing on May 22. This will be preceeded by a single, “Skip To The End”, landing in UK record shops on May 8.

Ben Hillier, known for his work with Blur and Elbow, produced the album. They didn’t screw around during the recording process, cranking out the tunes in just five and a half weeks in the Yorkshire countryside.

In an interview with NME, frontman Barry Hyde discussed why they decided to record in the country. He said: “It was remote, but not far away from civilization. We were in this amazing farmhouse in the hills. No mobile reception or anything. It had different weather, it had its own eco-system! It was cold though, no central heating, just a coal fire."

News And Tributes
01. “Yes/No”
02. “Cope”
03. “Fallout”
04. “Skip To The End”
05. “Burnt”
06. “News And Tributes”
07. “Return Of The Beserker”
08. “Back To The Sea”
09. “Worry About It Later”
10. “Favours For Favours”
11. “Thursday”
12. “Face”

Futureheads Complete News And Tributes