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Austin: Learn Texas History And Rock Out At The Same Time

All right gang, listen up. As a Texan transplanted into the heart of NYC I feel I have some schooling to do since SXSW is right around the corner. Us Texans (yes, I still refer to myself as one despite the fact I have not lived there in five years) are proud of our state and its rich multi-cultural heritage. As a matter of fact most of the field trips I made growing up were at Texas landmarks that represented different times and cultures in Texas history. So, if you made it this far, I salute you. Here's your payoff.

On March 18 during SXSW from 12pm-8pm, Arthur Magazine, Press Here and The Paddox Management (in association with Domino Recording Co., Monkey Drive Screen Printing, Red Bull, Kickball Records and Altoids) will be hosting one kick ass party. Now what does this have to do with the previous Texas history lesson? Well, the party is taking place at the French Legation Museum, which is a historical Texas landmark. The museum was built in 1840 to be the residence of the charge d'affaires, who represented France in the Republic of Texas. (Yes kids, Texas used to be a Republic, and still does have the option to succeed.)

OK so the deets on the party. The French Legation Museum is located at 802 San Marcos Street in Austin. For a map, click here. The party will have live music from The Magic Numbers, Witch (feat. J Mascis and members of Feathers), Mazarin, Giant Drag, Gris Gris, Noisettes, Mike Wexler, Lavender Diamond, Nethers, Archie Bronson Outfit, Colossal Yes and Tralala. Plus, there will be plenty of ice cold PBR on hand to wet your whistle. Oh yeah, and play it safe. RSVP here.

Austin: Learn Texas History And Rock Out At The Same Time