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Radiohead Hints At New Song Titles

It is nice seeing a band give their fans a somewhat frequently updated online look at the progress they have made on their upcoming album. Radiohead fans, myself included, can be pretty obsessed with any nugget of news. Their blog, Dead Air Space, has been a goldmine of pictures and journal entries, giving us an inside look at how things are shaping up for their untitled forthcoming release.

One of the most interesting posts as of late was from a series of photographs posted by bassist Colin. One of these photos was that of a blackboard, which had a total of sixteen song titles listed under the word "tour". Are these the potential song titles for what may be included on the new record? If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on YES! The song titles include "5ths", "Bodysnatchers", "Videotape", "Open pic", "Bodies laughing", "Thrills", "Nude", "15 step", "Down is the new up", "Bombers/4 minute warning", "Burn the witch", "House of cards", "Reckoner", "Mornin' M'Lord", "Go Slowly" and "Arpeggi".

Radiohead Hints At New Song Titles