The Rapture Prepare Some Fresh Cowbell Jams For '06

Did you wake up this morning with the sound of cowbell in your head? Did you get the sudden desire to start shaking your moneymaker? If so, it very well could be due to the fact that The Rapture is nearly done with their follow-up to their badass album Echoes.

The NYC indie-disco dudes spent most of last year writing new material, teaming up with producers Paul Epworth (Bloc Party, Maximo Park) and Ewan Pearson (Chemical Brothers). As if that wasn't enough danceable firepower on the production side of the album, they have also enlisted the skills of Danger Mouse to help them wrap up the album next month in Los Angeles.

Rapture frontman Mattie Saffer spoke with NME about working with such an incredible lineup of artists. He said: "We're pleased as punch to be working with people as brilliant as Paul and Ewan and Danger Mouse. We started with a goal of making an album that's an even happier Saturday night than the last one, and this record is going to be so good that even the engineers get laid off the back of it."

Rumor has it that a single will be ready for release in August.

The Rapture Prepare Some Fresh Cowbell Jams For '06