Austin: T-Minus One Day To SXSW

Day two of our Austin adventure has come and gone, and although we had no run ins with dancing robots this time around, it was still a mighty good day. The Tripwire crew rolled over to the Levis/FADER Trading Post first thing yesterday morning to help out with the finishing touches on the space. It is pretty amazing to witness the transformation that this place has gone through. From and empty shell of a house to a full-functioning party location, I have to tip my cap to everybody involved with the setup. Well-done lads!

By mid afternoon it was time for the last minute details, such as painting bottles of Southern Comfort. Yeah, it was tough work, but somebody had to do it. Up next we wandered over to the Austin Convention Center, which is SXSW headquarters, to pick up our badges and press credentials. As always, a huge bag of random crap is handed to you after registration, filled with mostly useless garbage, mediocre magazines and advertisements for CD duplication companies, etc. There were a few keepers in the bag, including earplugs, a hangover help kit and a Clif Bar.

Oh yes, the Clif Bar was not only in the bag o' random crap, but was also the free snack given out in the hospitality tent. So there I was with a lite beer in one hand and a chocolate brownie Clif Bar in the other. While those two treats are fine when consumed separately, I can't say that I suggest combining the two.

Next up on our "itinerary" was a much-needed pit stop at the Iron Cactus for some delicious margaritas. I highly suggest the Cadillac margarita. Now that we had some booze in our system, we zipped back over to the Trading Post to catch the tale end of a party, as it is pretty tough to turn down free liquor.

From that point, the evening pretty much went downhill. Many beverages were consumed, as was an amazing buffalo burger at some random spot on 6th Street. It is pretty tough to beat a hamburger covered in buffalo wing sauce. After finishing up our drinks with our crew, which included Elissa and Issac from Gigantic Music, as well as our Tripwire Chicago main man Matt DuFour, we all stumbled back to our respective hotels for some much needed sleep.

Now it is Wednesday, the official start for SXSW 2006. Keep on checking back throughout the day as we keep you posted with the goings on down in Austin. Consider the Tripwire your source for play-by-play updates from the Lone Star State! Up first here at the Levis/FADER Trading Post: Field Music!

Austin: T-Minus One Day To SXSW