Austin: Editors @ KEXP

While the other Tripwire guys were hanging out and rubbing elbows with some of new music's finest, I went over to the studios of Austin City Limits to hang with the KEXP crew and see your new favorite band, Editors. Upon exiting the elevators on the 6th floor of the ACL studios, I was greeted by pictures of the past including live shots with everyone who has played ACL. It was truly amazing. As I made my way into the studio I said hello to the KEXP crew and watched as the bleachers started to fill; and fill they did. According to Cheryl Waters, this was the most packed event they had so far this year.

Editors played/interviewed for about an hour, although it seemed like it was really only five minutes. Fans were witness to "Bullets", "All Sparks", "Munich" and "Fingers In The Factories". In-between the first two songs Cheryl Waters interviewed the band for the live broadcast and spoke with the guys about everything from their influences, touring the States and working on new material. It was then that Editors charm really shined.

I have a new favorite live band.

What made this so special was it was obvious that the real fans were out, and not just your typical SXSW suit. When Editors were done and came off the stage, people rushed up for photo ops and CD signings. Even Cheryl Waters made the comment, "I have a new favorite live band". If you are lucky enough to see them while they are in the states, do it. I am again tonight at our Levi's/FADER House.

Austin: Editors @ KEXP