Austin: Cloud Room @ Buffalo Billiards

Another night in Austin has come and gone, with day three of our SXSW coverage now underway. Before we start filling you in on the latest from Tripwire HQ, one very notable late night performance yesterday evening is totally worth mentioning. You know that we love the Brooklyn-based group The Cloud Room. It has been an amazing year for these guys, who I remember watching last year at the Gigantic Music daytime showcase. While the space was full for them last year, well, the room didn't hold that many people.

Fast forward to SXSW 2006. This time, they played to a packed house at Buffalo Billiards, a much larger room than their spot last year. Even more impressive was the fan base that was present at last night's performance. That was the most dancing I have seen at an indie rock show in quite some time.

Frontman J and his bandmates have really solidified their live sound, which was quite obvious from their show last night. No longer just a great studio band and a good live band as they have matured, their sound has grown and their tunes have never sounded better. Blasting through the pop gems off their self-titled debut album, the set list included "Waterfall", "Blackout!" and "Hey Now Now".

After following this band from their first shows all the way to last night's kick ass SXSW showcase, it kinda made me feel like a proud papa seeing his kid all grown up.

Time to wrap this up, as Gomez is about to take the stage. Check back later for another update!

Austin: Cloud Room @ Buffalo Billiards