The Presets Descend On Winter Music Conference

Our very own Matt DuFour summed it up the best when he said, "The Presets unveiled a slap of tribal disco pop involving a drummer and a mad knobtweaker who dumbfounded and astounded when Julian Hamilton unleashed his jungle yelp on 'I Go Hard, I Go Home'. Be on the lookout for these two." If you are some of the lucky few (or should we say, those with livers of steel) that went down to Miami this week for Winter Music Conference, you now have a chance to check them out for yourself. The duo is playing today, tomorrow, and Saturday for a total of four shows. What makes it better is that two of the sets are at 3am. So get your drink on, put on some comfy shoes, and get ready to stay out with the masses until all hours.

03.23.06 - Miami, FL (Spiderpussy - WMC 3am set)
03.24.06 - Miami, FL (Adidas Originals Store - WMC 6:30pm set)
03.24.06 - Miami, FL (Pawn Shop - WMC 12am set)
03.25.06 - Miami, FL (Studio A - WMC 3am set)

The Presets Descend On Winter Music Conference