Catch An Early Glimpse Of Midlake's New Video

As a Texan transplanted in NYC, I still try to keep tabs on all of my favorite bands from the Lone Star State. It makes me proud when one these groups make the leap from being a local band to something much more. Midlake, a brilliant quintet from Denton, TX, made waves with their debut album back in 2004. Fast forward two years to 2006, with the support of Bella Union Records and World's Fair, the band is now ready to release their sophomore album.

The Trials Of Van Occupanther is now set for release here in North America on July 25. I know that is a bit far away, but I have some treates to help tide you over until then. First of all, we have an interesting way for you to view the upcoming video for the track "Young Bride." While the video is not completed, you can now watch an animated storyboard by clicking here. If you want to download this for your fancy-schmancy video iPod, click here.

If that isn't enough to tide you over, how about a couple of live tracks recorded with BBC Radio 6 during SXSW? Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. If you are new to the awesomeness of Midlake, consider this your introduction to this great band. I've got a feeling you'll be hearing quite a bit about this band throughout '06!

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Van Occupanther

Catch An Early Glimpse Of Midlake's New Video